The corner of a tempered glass river table, viewing the seam between the glass and wood.

Design Forward Woodworking for the Conscious Home

Biglow Woodcraft is a fine woodworking outfit in Winnipeg, capable of bringing ideas to life in a beautiful, durable, and sustainable manner.

New to the Catalog

The Food Board is designed to facilitate the preparation, sharing and gathering around food. Order with a perfect-fit knob to keep it beautifully displayed while it waits.


Food Board

Uniquely Yours

Custom pieces are designed specifically for a unique set of needs as defined by you, the client. Custom furniture and other fine wares have the potential to positively impact your space, wellbeing and even productivity, all while curbing the appeal of short-term replacement. Commission a piece of your own here.

Thing SpotsThing Spots
A custom bench with fine joinery, lit from behind with a visible light sitting on the floor with the cord running along the edge of the photo.
  • Thing Spots are just as they sound, fine spots for your fine things. Biglow Woodcraft is about supporting a conscious lifestyle, and keeping track of your finest possessions is essential to living well. They were
    the first of many home decor utility products, with more on the way later this year. Head to the Catalog and see how it's going!

  • This custom side table is one of our favourites. The simplicity of the design keeps the intricacies of the wood grain front and center. Made from locally salvaged White Ash, the turbulent urban growing conditions of a city come through in the wild patterns found in the lumber's grain. It's about more than just "solid wood construction." Take a look at the rest of our portfolio.

  • We made this wine cabinet for a repeat customer, featuring a unique storage solution in the middle for displaying a selection of bottles. The doors have subtle grooves in the top to pull them open, keeping the appearance as refined as possible. Stripping a design down to its essence is the best way to make a piece endure decades of aesthetic preference. Learn more about our philosophies and ambitions.