Record Collector Cabinet

A walnut record cabinet, filled with records and stereo equipment, next to a leather couch.
A detail shot of a custom walnut record cabinet, with a headphone rack poking out holding a pair of headphones. Scotch in 3 rocks glasses sit on the top, in front of a Doors record.
A detail shot of a custom record cabinet, showing 2 of it's drawers partially open. Once containing record maintenance tools, and the other holding whiskey glasses and various alcohol bottles.
The lower half of a custom walnut record cabinet, showing a drawer being opened and sorted through. The drawer is full of records with custom genre dividers in between.

Simply a dream record cabinet, with all the features one could want. A vibration-dampening isolation block for the turntable, deep and organized record drawers, a headphone hanger, a small drawer for record maintenance tools, and even dimmable lights in the record drawers. Projects like this are our forte. When a client has a clear vision for how the piece should fit their passion, it's easy to turn that into a beautiful reality.

Species: Black Walnut
Completed: September 2022

Tempered Glass River Dining Table

A distant shot of a large custom glass river table, orangey brown walnut slabs on either side, with a custom piece of blue tempered glass inlaid down the middle.
Looking down at the glass river of a custom river table, with reflections of windows in the blue tempered glass.
The corner of a tempered glass river table, viewing the seam between the glass and wood.

Designed to seat 14, this massive dining table is made from a single slab of Black Walnut brought in from Oregon. It was sliced down the middle, and each half turned in on each other to create the unique, blue tempered glass river. An heirloom piece like this depends on exquisite material sourcing from an experienced sawmill that kiln-dries the wood to exacting precision, and proper milling and finishing procedures. These practises are necessary to combat any erratic wood movement as best we can in the years to come.

Species: Oregon Coast Walnut

Completed: October 2021

Cashew Coffee Table

An organic shaped hardwood coffee table with a design book on top.

The Cashew Coffee Table was made for some close friends to tie their L-shaped living space together. It has a mid-century inspired design, meant to welcome guests to the space with a soft appearance. Made from White Ash and finished with a rich and durable wax-oil compound. It's featured on the latest Furniture Tee, available now in the shop!

Species: White Ash

Completed: November 2021


Upholstered Walnut Bedroom Bench

A custom bench with fine joinery, lit from behind with a visible light sitting on the floor with the cord running along the edge of the photo.
Looking down at the seam between a custom upholstered cushion and the walnut wood surface next to it on a custom designed bench.
A side view of a custom walnut bench, showing some half lap joints for the lower shelf, and sliding dovetail rails that support the seat cushion.
The custom walnut bedroom bench sitting at the foot of a bed. Its fabric matches that of the headboard, and its wood matches the side tables.

This bench was designed to sit at the foot of a bed, using the fabric from the headboard and the wood from the bedside tables, it ties the room together perfectly. A small storage shelf inspired by the famous Nelson Bench is made using slats and half-lap joints, and sits below a platform featuring wedged through-tenon joints and dovetail support rails for the seat cushion.

Species: Black Walnut

Completed: October 2020

White Ash Wine Collector Cabinet

The Wine Collector Cabinet started with a reduction to the essence of the design; a cabinet that has an interesting wine display, regardless of the number of bottles. This organic array of different length supports is framed by a simple, high-end cabinet without any flourishes or novelties, and we think this line of thinking will keep it in style for decades to come. Note the waterfall edges that carry the grain from the top down each edge, with as little disruptions to form as possible, reinforced with subtle spline joints.

Species: White Ash

Completed: March 2020

Mid-Century Modern Walnut Bed

A bird's eye view of a custom walnut bedframe, with built in bedside tables. The mattress is drawn-on overtop of the photo to show size, but is opaque and the frame is visible through this drawing..
A closeup of the integrated bedside table of a custom walnut bedframe. Large finger joints and a waterfall miter joint is used.
The foot of a custom walnut bed frame, showing a fancy detail where the leg joins the frame, and the oversized finger joints on the corner of the frame itself.

A custom king size bed frame that nearly filled our small woodshop, designed to suit the style of the client. After touring the client's beautiful home, filled with iconic designs from Dieter Rams, and Mart Stam, and paintings by Gustav Klimt, she asked for something to fit in, and didn’t give much more instruction other than the dimensions. We’re particularly proud of the subtle but intricate design language throughout the piece, and the visible joinery that makes-up the heirloom quality strength of the piece, while also being entirely collapsible.

Species: Black Walnut

Completed: June 2021

Children's Ash Dining Set

A custom children's dining set from afar, the chairs are quite distant from the table.
A custom children's dining set, with the chairs stacked erratically, as if children did the stacking. They are positioned in front of the table which is turned up on its side, showing the bottom.
Brent Biglow sitting at the comically small children's dining set that he made, legs and arms crossed, very casual.
A closeup of the back of a custom children's chair, with the 3 other chairs and table in the background, blurry.

We never thought a dining set for children would come across our desk, but we had a lot of fun with this one. It features playful, rounded edges all over the place, and simple, chunky dimensions. Each seat back has a different design carved into it and stained a deeper tone; a moon, a sun, a star and a cloud. This design hinges on its simplicity, leaning into a simple, welcoming form factor and made entirely of solid wood for ultimate durability.

Species: White Ash

Completed: July 2020

Walnut "Stance" Media Console

A custom entertainment unit standing tall against a historic brick wall in Winnipeg's historic exchange district.
A close up of the mid-century modern style feet of a custom walnut cabinet.

A repeat client drew a crude two dimensional figure of this piece, and the rest was up to us. We wanted to ensure the ratio of each segment and dimension was in harmony with the overall shape, and the result is quite stunning. The console takes a noteworthy stance in space, and makes a bold statement. This piece was the first piece available on a shirt in the merchandise shop for a limited time, now passed.

Species: Black Walnut

Completed: May 2020

Cousin's Bar Cart

Dedicated to Amy Cummine. This piece was made for a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis research. It’s a simple design, with all the fixings one might want in a bar cart, and the fit and finish to stand out in any space. The wooden wheels and curved lower rails are a favourite, which feature wedged through-tenon joints, to match the towel rod.

Species: Cherry with Maple top

Completed: March 2018

What's Next?

Biglow Woodcraft is focused on designing new products and furniture for the Catalog, and limiting custom commissions. That being said, we are always on the lookout for great custom furniture projects that expand our horizons. If you've got one, connect with us.