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What's With the Dots, Anyway?

I wanted something abstract and recognizable. Something anyone could find meaning in, or not.

I use a lot of dots in my print media, originally inspired by perforations in post-industrial print. A pre-plastic time period my branding is based around. A perforation is a pre-determined tearing point, signifying a break from something else that you're encouraged to make. Perforations are the perfect analog for the nature of my business. I'm suggesting that you tear yourself from convention, and seek out improvements through design.

We're addicted to waste, and I hope we look back on this period in disgust. Furniture waste, food waste, textile waste, packaging waste, digital waste; it's obscene. Find the perforations you can in your life from waste culture, and TEAR!

The colours have meaning, too. If imagined as stoplights, the yellow is to proceed with caution, the neutral is a continue/pause/break, the red is stop/roadblock/calamity, and the green naturally means go/triumph. When read vertically, they seem like the natural order of the design phase, the trajectory of the climate catastrophe (hopefully), or how you might approach a new idea. But to me, they represent the trajectory of my business and my adult life.

Sometimes you'll find the dots on a neutral background, and the second dot is invisible, but it's still there. Good design is like this. You don't notice it, because it doesn't interrupt the flow of a space or a life, and it blends right in.

The dots are a secondary logo that you'll see in places where a subtle cue is just right. I hope you'll embrace them as I have, as a recognizable, subtle cue to change our behavior for the better.


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